What Protein Shakes Are Best When Researching Labels

What Protein Shakes are best when researching the labels? We all know losing weight is difficult and the facts are in the labels. So how can food labels help you find what protein shakes are best?

I will tell you…

Finding a protein shake with high protein and fiber, but low calories, carbohydrates, fat, and sodium is key.  The only way to maintain a healthy weight is to balance the calories you consume with those you expend.  At the end of the day if you give your body high protein, low calorie and low fat foods, you will lose weight.Reading food labels can be very helpful for determining caloric intake. I prefer knowing what protein shakes are best and having them on hand to “go to” every day, which helps control your overall protein and low calorie profile.

Be sure to review serving size when reading calories.  Calories are listed per serving. So it’s essential to look at the label to see what a the serving size is before you dive into anything when trying to lose weight.

You’ll be surprised to discover that a package of chips has 3-4 servings and when you down the whole bag you have to do the math on all the nutrition facts to tally up just how much you consume. And who doesn’t love a whole bag of chips, right?!

So you have to be careful and read all labels…

A common question I get about protein shakes is what protein shakes are best and how many calories in protein shakes should I consume in a day.  The amount of calories you need depends in part on how active you are.  As a general rule,  to lose weight, men should consume no more than 1,800 – 2000 calories per day, and women no more than 1500 -1700 calories. So when you are factoring in the calories per serving of each protein shake it is important to chose a brand that the label shows a good balance of nutrition with high protein and fiber, that is low in calories; I like to keep my calories per shake within 90-120 calories per shake so that I can go a long time on high nutrition but low calories, which translates into losing or maintaining weight.

I use a healthy meal replacement shake that I love, it is so tasty and creamy that it makes me want 2-3 a day, and the line of products offers protein cookies that are to die for.  I keep my weight in check and help others to do the same by challenging their minds to a healthier lifestyle by watching what they put in their mouth and making sure they are conscious of labels and serving size which affects the overall caloric intake.

One way I keep my calories low and protein high to burn fat and maintain my weight is use lean and highly nutritious meal replacement shakes.  Click Here to see what I use, once inside click become a customer and you will have instant access to the products that have changed my life and helped me lose weight the right way. (these labels don’t lie)

Cheers To Better Health,

Jodi Carwan

PS: Weight loss is all about challenging your mind, I know ANYONE can do it if they just put their mind to it and know how to give their body what it needs to be charged up every day and to overcome the struggles of a so called  “diet”, so I say challenge yourself to a tasteful program loaded with nutrition and have some fun with less stress and restriction.  If you want to see how to get started on my highly recommended products, head on over to this page and get the goods…

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