Affirmations: Write out all your affirmations so you can see your expressions in writing; write affirmations about what you are blessed to have not want.

Dedication: Be an instrument of your daily dedication.Show consistency, persistence and determination through your daily walk.

Beauty: I am beautiful, I exude inner and outer beauty and feel radiant, attractive and content with who I am. I love my beautiful self.

Visualization: It is safe for me to see; I am a very visual person and I create from a visual place in which many creations come to life.

Prayer & Meditation: Visualize through prayer and meditation; often sit and meditate softly in healthy settings that bring out what is within you for the goodness of living your best life. Let desire come into your world and visualize abundant blessings for everyone in the Kingdom through the power of prayer.

Miracle Healings: In truth, everything and everyone including myself, is healed right now. God will lift you up and heal us all. I focus on this truth instead of illusions of fear.

Grateful: I am grateful for becoming me, I am grateful for living a happy and healthy life, surrounded by amazing people. I enjoy logging words of gratitude into my gratitude journal every day.

Parenting & Children: I have happy parent and child relationships. I allow my heart to open up so that I can feel compassion and love for all members of my family.

Space in the World: I have a place in this world, I live, work, eat, pray and love in a comfortable, spacious environment in a wonderful location in the world where I am supposed to be.

Balance: To be clear and to stay focused I recommend writing your thoughts in a journal for the first 10 minutes of every day. To bring even more clarity, read your journal out loud and be sure that you dismiss everything you cannot control and work with what you have the power to change. Distinguishing the difference will allow you to take what’s leftover and focus on what is most important.